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Classes are full time from 9:00 a.m. - 4:15 p.m. Monday through Friday for 11 weeks.

Enrollment must be final no later than 30 days before the start of each semester.

Observed Holidays (days off)

Memorial Day
Independence Day
Labor Day
week in October
Thanksgiving day and the Friday after

Days missed due to inclimate weather will be added to the end of the last date of class if they exceed more than 2 days.

******* Part of this curriculum is learning responsibility to fellow workers/students and developing a good work ethic.*******

If you have prescheduled medical appointments during your school session we need to know about it the first day so we can book dogs accordingly. If you need to sched a medical appointment schedules while in school, schedule it for after 3:00 p.m. Monday - Wednesday during the school/work week. Being late and missing the morning does not work for us. We book appointments based on everyone who is expected to be there being there! Last minute notice does not work and is not acceptable.

I am not a Rehab or DARS school.

Admission Requirements

1. Read, write and speak English (to be determined during the pre-enrollment interview with a school official).
2. Be 18 years or older, bring valid ID
3. Provide proof of high school diploma, GED or college transcripts no later than first day of class
4. Be current on tetanus vaccine prior to first day of class
5. Must pay $1200 deposit between 30 - 90 days prior to the start of class
6. Pay the remaining balance by the first day of class

Student Requirements

1. Must read, write and speak English fluently. We are not bilingual at this time.

2. Must be 18 years or older.

3. Must provide proof high school diploma or GED, (copy of either is fine)

4. Must pay $1200 deposit between 30 - 90 days prior to the start of each semester.

5. Pay the remaining balance by the first day of the semester.

6. Must make arrangements and provide their own living accommodations and transportation.

7. Must be in good physical condition and good health. Must be able to lift 60 pounds or more. This is strenuous work and you are on your feet most of the day lifting small to heavy dogs. If there are any physical conditions, this needs to be discussed during registration.

Policy and Procedure
Cancellation and Refund Policy

1. A refund less $100 (admin fees) will be returned via certified mail to the last known address to any student who cancels enrollment the first 3 days of the semester/class.

2 . Refunds will be pro-rated at $500 per week with the week starting each Monday. If a student drops out on Tue they are still charged the $500 for that week. Refund will be minus the week(s) plus the $100 admin fees.

3. Tools, smock, book and syllabus will stay with the student upon graduation as tuition includes the price of tools,syllabus and books.

4. If student has to drop out due to extenuating circumstances and wants to resume next semester refund and registration for the coming semester will be arranged with director. We DO understand there is life outside of school and things happen unexpectedly from time to time.

5. Student will be charged full retail price for tools, smock, book and syllabus if they do not complete the course for any reason and fail/refuse to return items no belonging to them.


Dear Students: This school has a Certificate oif Approval from the Texas Workforce Commission (TWVC). The TWC assigned school number is: S3265

The school's programs are approved by TWC.

Students must address their concerns about this school or any of its educational programs by following the grievance process outlined in the school's catalog. Schools are responsible for ensuring and documenting that all students have received a copy of the school's greivance procedures and for describing these procedures in the school's published catalog. If, as a student, you were not provided with this information, please inform the school management.

Students dissatisfied with this school's response to their complaint or who are not able to file a complaint with the school, can file a formal complaint with TWC, as well as with other relevant agencies or accreditors, if applicable.

Information on filing a complaint with the TWC can be found on TWC's Career Schools and COlleges website at http://csc.state.tx.us/.

Attendance and Absenteeism

1. Student must report to class on time each day.

2. If you need to make a doctor appointment during the semester make them in the afternoon as this does not disrupt the entire day.

3. We understand life happens that causes us to be late or absent from time to time. Please do not abuse this privilege or it may result in dismissal.

4. If you are going to be late, call 972-765-8928 and let us know before 9:00 a.m. or leave a voice mail with the time and date you called so we can plan the grooming assignments accordingly.

5. There is no make-up time so try not to be absent.

6. Student is allowed 5 days of absence during a semester.

Leave of Absence

A leave of absence may be granted by the school director after determining good cause. The leave of absence will be no more than 30 days. A written statement explaining why the leave was granted will be signed by student and school director. A partial refund may be in order depending on where in the semester the leave happens.

Student Conduct

1. Students must conduct themselves in a professional, respectful manner at all times. This applies to both humans and canines!
2. Be polite to fellow students, clients and staff. Treat others as you wish to be treated.
3. Treat the animals with safety and respect first and foremost!

Grounds for Dismissal

1. Hit a dog or repeated unsafe handling of any dog will be cause for immediate dismissal.
2. Evidence of any drug or alcohol use while at school or on school property.
3. Abusive behavior (verbal or physical) toward humans or animals or violation of Student conduct
4. Inability to follow direction regarding the safe handling of dogs on a repeated basis

Certificate of Approval from the Texas Workforce Commission Career Schools and Colleges issued July 31, 2008

Physical address:
HipDog School of Grooming Arts
3160 W. Parker Rd
Plano, TX 75075

(located in Dogs Play behind Halfprice Books in the SW corner of Parker and Independence)

Mailing Address:
HipDog School of Grooming Arts
2807 Allen Street #616
Dallas, TX 75204

972-765-8928 school inquiries
972-769-2275 grooming appointments



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