HipDog School of Grooming Arts

HipDog School of Grooming Arts

Improving the industry by setting the standard!

Classes are full time from 9:00 a.m. - 4:15 p.m. Monday through Friday for 11 weeks.

We offer a unique cutting edge curriculum and philosophy for those interested in a career as a professional canine artist/stylist. We feel grooming is a form of art...the medium we work in is dog hair. Anyone can groom a dog but it takes an artistic eye and creative spirit to produce the superior level of expertise our students enter the profession with.

Our curriculum consists of 17 courses from which you will learn all of the following plus much more.

What you need to bring the first day of class.

1. Photo or scan of drivers license (both sides)
2. Proof of tetanus shot prior to first day of class
3. Copy of high school diploma or GED
4. Written essay 100 - 200 words of why you want to become a professional dog groomer.

What to Wear in School

Wear clothes you don't mind getting wet, dirty and possibly torn to school. You will have a smock to wear but this is hard, sweaty dirty work so be comfortable. A non-skid tennis shoe is preferred footwear for your safety on wet floors.


Hand out 300 plus pages student syllabus
Policy and Procedure
Safety and Handling
Identification and proper use of tools and equipment
First aid for people and pets
bathing and drying dogs

What you will learn during the courses!

Breed identification
Understanding Canine body language and behavior
Anatomy and range of motion
Handling and holding techniques
Handling difficult/aggressive pets
Handling young puppies
Handling senior pets and pets with disabilities
Client Relations
Efficient use of grooming shop time
Grooming tools and maintenance
Proper use of leads, muzzles and nooses
Cat handling and bathing
Proper brushing and combing
Checking for matts
Nail trimming and dremeling
Ear hair removal and cleaning

~~~~~~~~~~ Bathing and Drying ~~~~~~~~~~

Roughing in (pre-bath)
Avoiding brush burns
Expressing anal glands
Flea and tick identification and removal
Identifying skin problems
Proper use of dematting tools
Proper bathing and drying procedures
Proper mixture and use of shampoos and conditioners
Proper use of high velocity forced air dryers
Proper use of stand dryers
Safe removal of matts


Blending all dogs you groom
Hand Scissoring techinques
Thinning shear techniques
Clippering correctly
Hand stripping basics
Basic shave downs/strips
Setting breed patterns
Trimming bangs and feet
Clipping poodle feet and faces
Proper use of shedding tools
Proper use of snap on guards
Clipper, Scissor and Blade maintenance and repair
Trimming styles for mixed breeds
Developing a routine order for maximum efficiency
Sculpting and skimming
Finishing touches


Bichon Frise grooming
Creative grooming on mixed breeds
Doodle grooming
Double coats/full coats
Poodle grooming (setting patterns)
Schnauzer grooming
Small long coated breeds
Spaniel grooming
Sporting dogs grooming
Teddy Bear heads on many different breeds
Terrier and terrier type grooming
Trimming vs. cutting hair

~~~~~~~~~~ OTHER SCHTUFF ~~~~~~~~~~

Efficient use of your equipment to save time for perfect Finish grooming
Time management
Bows and bandanas
Client relations
Building repeat business
Computers and software for managing your business
Choosing the right equipment for your own business
Selecting vendors for your supplies
Choosing the best employer for you
Interviewing and hiring employees


You will be given a CD with photos of many of the dogs you have groomed at graduation. This makes a nice portfolio!

Certificate of Approval from the Texas Workforce Commission Career Schools and Colleges issued July 31, 2008!

Physical address:
HipDog School of Grooming Arts
3160 W. Parker Rd
Plano, TX 75075
(located in Dogs Play behind Halfprice Books in the SW corner of Parker and Independence)

Mailing Address:
HipDog School of Grooming Arts
2807 Allen Street #616
Dallas, TX 75204

972-765-8928 school inquiries
972-769-2275 grooming appointments



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